Appeal of the Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims board Sheykhulislam Allahshukur Pashazadeh on the World Azerbaijans Solidarity Day

In the name ofthe Supreme Almightyl

Esteemed and dear Compatriots!
I address my Compatriots living in different countries of the world, and sincerely
congratulate alt of you on the occasion ofthe Day of Solidarity of W orld Azerbaijanis, wishing
you all the best and blessings of our Almighty Creator.
This year we celebrate the second anniversary ofthe Karabakh Victory in our Just War for
the sake of restoration of historical justice, and this is a source of honor and pride for every
Azerbaijani. With the blessing of Almighty Allah, and under the leadership of our victorious
Commander-in-Chief, the President Ilham Aliyev, the glorious Army of Azerbaijan
accomplished the honorable mission of restoring our territorial integrity. Heroically fighting for
the liberation of the Azerbaijani lands, trampled by the enemy, our Army inscribed a glorious
page in world military history, by storming the Shusha fortress and raising the Flag ofAzerbaijan
on our ancestral lands. We pray for Allah to let the souls of ali our heroic soldiers and offıcers
who sacrificed their lives for the sake ofthe Homeland and raised to the level ofmartyrdom, and
to heal our brave veterans!
Thanks Allah, our every-year wish to celebrate our holidays in the Cidir Duzu plain of
Shusha, which we have been longing for 30 years, has been bestowed to us. Shusha, which was
declared the Cultural Capital of Azerbaijan in 2022, is a blessed place where important
international events are held, and it has also been awarded the title of the Cultural Capital ofthe
Turkic World in 2023. Following the Shusha Declaration, which became an important historical
achievement of the fraternal alliance of the one nation - two states - Azerbaijan and Turkey, the
Council ofHeads ofthe Muslim Religious Administrations ofthe Organization ofTurkic States
was established and its first Declaration was adopted in Shusha this year, to become the
embodiment of Turkish-Islamic solidarity and to have a special symbolic meaning; that is our
great spiritual success. Also this year, Shusha has hosted the 5th Congress ofWorld Azerbaijanis.
I am sure that this event, engraved in History as the Victory Congress in the address of our pride
- Shusha, was ofspecial importance for ali our compatriots. Next year we will solemnly celebrate
the 100th anniversary of our National Leader Hey dar Aliyev, who founded the tradition of
celebrating ofthe Solidarity Day of Azerbaijan is and initiated the first Congress.
Dear Compatriots! The large-scale construction works being consistently implementing in
regard with the bitter consequences ofArmenian vandalism on the lands of Azerbaijan, to restore
the brutally destroyed cities and villages, as well as our historical, cultural and religious
monuments, make us extremely happy. The whole world is a witness to the traditional attention
and care that President Ilham Aliyev and the First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva approach to
the high spiritual values of our people. The laying ofthe foundation of a new magnificent mosque
in Shusha, and the international airports that started operating in Fuzuli and Zangilan; the Victory
Road leading to Shusha, and the new Lachin road; the industrial facilities and the modern Agaly
village that already welcomed its first residents, increase our confıdence in the strength and
power of our State and optimism for the future. We are sure, that with the help ofAlmighty Allah,
and outstanding efforts of our wise Head of State, our lands liberated from the occupation will
be reborn and the Great Return will come true very soon.
Dear compatriots! Taking the opportunity to express my greetings on the Solidarity Day,
which is of the great importance for each of us, I would like to hit an important reality. For
decades the World Azerbaijanis have sfıown a great sacrifıce for the sake of our Victory. To
extend the results of our Glorious Victory in all spheres oflife, we should make more efforts on
the Nation scale, and be organized with full of power to repel the propaganda, provocations and
smear campaigns of Armenians and pro-Armenian provocateurs who still do not give up their
chauvinistic and insidious intentions. We should not disregard the fact that the Armenian military
and political circles, the Arrrıenian church, and the diaspora, as well as certain countries that
support them and notorious fanatics, are purposefully setting up the Armenian people for
revanchism and a new war. After the signing of the Tripartite Declaration of the leaders of
Azerbaijan, Russia and Arrrıenia on November 9, 2020, sabotage is still being carried out in our
territories liberated from occupation, and the land mines produced in Armenia in 2021 are being
found installed in our lands. Despite the provisions of the above-mentioned Declaration, the
Armenian military units still not removed from the territory of Azerbaijan. At the meantime,
Lachin road - a sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, recognized by the international community,
that remains open for humanitarian purposes, is being used for illegal transportation of new
weapons and land mines and transition of provocateurs, thus, the separatist regime receives
support from abroad. Azerbaijan's "Kyzilbulag" gold field and "Demirli" copper-molybdenurn
field are being illegally exploited, our plundered natural resources are taken out ofthe country,
and the ecology .is being damaged. Quite rightly, all ofthis is a cause for deep concern of the
Azerbaijani society. Meanwhile, false and slanderous anti-Azerbaijani propaganda is spreading
by the Armenian side, especially by Echmiadzin and the Church ofCilicia regarding the peaceful
protesting action ofAzerbaijani non-governmental organizations and representatives ofthe civil
society, ecologists and young people on the Shusha-Khankendi Road, going on there for more
than two weeks. Armenian propaganda tries to describe the incident as "a blockade ofArmenians,
a humanitarian disaster", anda "policy of ethnic cleansing against the Arrrıenian people". Due to
the short awareness of certain political and social circles, in some of the cases this false
information is referred to by them. In the video recordings taken at the protest action site, it is
obviously seen that humanitarian trucks and ambulances may freely pass without any hinderirıg
by the protesters. The unequivocal position ofthe Azerbaijan state regarding the Lachin Road,
located in the Azerbaijani territory, recognized by the world community, is that this road can be
used for civilian and humanitarian purposes, not for military or any illegal activities.
The entire world is witnessing results of Armenian vandalism, committed war crimes
during the occupation, genocide against Azerbaijanis in Khojaly, purposefully wiped our cities
and villages off the face of the earth, deliberately scorched earth and rendered it unusable,
poisoned our water basins, destroyed cemeteries, demolished mosques and churches. However,
Turkophobic and Islamophobic circles are insidiously conducting a smear campaign against
Azerbaijan over the world. I call on all Azerbaijanis ofthe world, regardless oftheir religion and
ethnicity, to rally and unite around President Ilhaın Aliyev to withstand against that and convey
real truth to the international community. The struggle for verity and justice must continue at the
level of international institutions, in the field of diplomacy, on the basis of global economic
projects - for the sake of the Motherland. It' s time of rally and unity, as commanded by our
Almighty Creator, for the sake ofAzerbaijan, forthe future victories ofour Nation, for our greater
success on the international scale!
Dear compatriots ! I cordially congratulate all of you on the Day of Solidarity of World
Azerbaijanis and the upcoming New Year, wishing to each of you and your families happiness
and success, and I pray for blessings from the Almighty over you. May Almighty Allah bless us,
protect our people, our independent state and our wise Head of State, may Him protect our
Azerbaijan! Amen!

Baku, December 28, 2022

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