Response by Aykhan Hajizada, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the local media inquiry on the resolution of the European Parliament of 25 April 2024

Question: On 25 April the European Parliament adopted yet another resolution targeting Azerbaijan. The National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan has issued a statement condemning the EP for a biased approach and refuted allegations within the resolution. How would you comment on the resolution?


Answer: The resolution adopted by the European Parliament on 25 April 2024 is groundless and openly misrepresents the human rights situation in Azerbaijan.


Rubber-stamping such one-sided and biased resolutions has long become a usual business for the European Parliament.


This cannot be considered other than an explicit political order by those forces in Europe that goes in the direction of further deteriorating relations with Azerbaijan.


In these conditions, a certain group of European Parliament members being guided by their internal considerations and personal gains pushes through a distorted picture of the situation in Azerbaijan.


The motives of those who initiate the adoption of such documents are to divert attention from the truly pressing socio-economic and political problems of the European community as well.


Moreover, appeals to introducing sanctions against Azerbaijan, do nothing but complicate Azerbaijan-EU relations.


We once again urge the European Parliament to stop interference in the internal affairs and judicial processes of Azerbaijan. 

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