The “Miraculous Flying Carpets” exhibition took place in Belgium

An exhibition of Azerbaijani carpets was organized at the Foundation Frison Horta, which operates in Brussels with the joint Organization of the embassy of Azerbaijan in Belgium, AZPROMO and “Azerkhalcha” OJSC. On November 6, 2023, representatives of Belgian state institutions, ambassadors of foreign countries, media representatives, scientific and cultural figures, as well as members of Azerbaijani, Turkish and other communities living in Belgium participated at the event organized in connection with the opening of the "Miraculous Flying Carpets" exhibition.

Opening the event, Azerbaijani ambassador to Belgium Vagif Sadigov noted that carpet weaving art in Azerbaijan has an ancient history, master carpet – makers successfully pass on the subtleties of this art to the younger generation, the country's leadership attaches great importance to the development of this art and the work done by “Azerkhalcha” OJSC in the promotion of our carpets.

Then the head of the Foundation Frison Horta, Mr. Nupur Tron, welcomed everyone and said that the carpets displayed at the exhibition have unique and vivid features, this art based on traditions is highly appreciated all over the world along with Azerbaijan and it must be protected. He emphasized that it is a feeling of pride to organize the exhibition of this fascinating cultural area that connects the East and the West, Azerbaijan's national spiritual art sample carpets at the Foundation Frison Horta.

Chairman of the Board of "Azerkhalcha“ OJSC, honored art worker Emin Mammadov noted that this great event was dedicated to the upcoming ”Victory Day" and spoke to the participants of the event both the story of the day and the history of the organization he represents. The Chairman said that the main goal of ”Azerkhalcha" OJSC is to preserve the tradition of carpet weaving and further develop this art. He stressed that Azerbaijani folk-applied art and its branch, carpet weaving, occupy a special place in the history of the national culture of our people. E.Mammadov spoke about the carpets displayed at the exhibition, which belong to Karabakh, Gazakh, Nakhchivan and Shirvan carpet-making schools.

Then the participants of the exhibition tasted delicious Azerbaijani dishes, samples of local wines and enjoyed the invaluable performances of the mugham trio.

On November 7, the process of weaving a real Azerbaijani carpet was demonstrated and master classes were held for the visitors of the exhibition. Participants of the exhibition have the opportunity to make their own loops on the carpet. A special certificate of “Azerkhalcha” OJSC was also presented to everyone who participated in the weaving process of the Azerbaijani carpet.

In the second half of the day, books and publications on the art of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan, made especially for children in an exquisite design and in English, were distributed, and a film about the art of carpet weaving and the well-known carpet weavers of our country was shown.

The doors of the exhibition will be open from November 6 to December 6 at the Foundation Frison Horta for European carpet lovers. Visitors of the exhibition will also be informed about the art and schools of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan.


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