Commentary by Aykhan Hajizada, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia dated August 28

In order to continue its insidious policy, the Armenian side is once again spreading false and deceitful statements by distorting information about the situation in the region.


Dissemination of allegations about kidnapping of three Armenian citizens, who were detained at the Lachin border checkpoint on August 28, following a criminal case opened in line with Azerbaijani legislation for incitement of ethnic and racial enmity, as well as insulting the national flag of Azerbaijan, along with questioning the legitimacy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia of the checkpoint established on the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, demonstrates that Armenia does not respect its international obligations.


With this, we would like to remind the Armenian side, which claims that Azerbaijan violated the decisions of the International Court of Justice, that there is a court’s decision to prevent acts of hatred on ethnic and racial grounds, and instead of preventing these acts, Armenia delivers statements against Azerbaijan, which counters such acts.


Notwithstanding the secession of the criminal prosecution by Azerbaijan against the mentioned three persons based on the principle of humanism, and taking into account their age, and expressed regret sincerely admitting their actions, the fact that the Armenian side is trying to cover up the committed crimes and accusing Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing indicates the true intention of this country.


It is impossible to find more absurd idea than accusation against Azerbaijan in aggression by Armenia, which occupied the territories of Azerbaijan for nearly 30 years, expelled Azerbaijanis from these territories and from the territory of present-day Armenia, carried out ethnic cleansing, and currently does not fully withdraw its armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan, contrary to all its obligations, while encouraging separatism.


We once again would like to remind the Armenian side that its policy of aggression promoted in the region will not have any practical results, and it would be more useful for Armenia to support Azerbaijan's initiatives to establish peace.

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