KHOJALY: “WOUNDED SOULS” major art and music event in Azerbaijan embassy in Brussels

The embassy of Azerbaijan, under the auspices of His Excellency Vaqif Sadıqov, has this week hosted a magnificent spectacle of art and music. The embassy of Azerbaijan is of course renowned for its cultural programmes. 

The highly esteemed photographer Reza Deghati presented his programme “Khojaly: Wounded souls.”  The exhibition, which reflected on the Khojaly massacre, in which hundreds of civilians were slaughtered by Armenian forces in 1992, supported by Russian troops, was considered to be particularly relevant in the context of the current conflict in Ukraine. 

The exhibition took place against a background of high-level classical and contemporary music, genres that Azerbaijan is especially famed for.

Flutist Astrid Gallez, supported by pianist Nezrin Efendiyeva and Marie Carmen Suarez, reinforced Azerbaijan’s reputation as a high-level base for classical and contemporary jazz: the Azeri capital, Baku, is considered at global level to be a major home base of European jazz music. In Paris and London, and also in New York, Azeri jazz is held to be at the highest level.

Ambassador Sadigov told EU Reporter, “I love jazz, I love both classical and contemporary music: and to enjoy such wonderful music in this particular country, Belgium, is simply a joy..”  

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