Impression Ethno-Jazz Concert

Emil Afrasiyab, award winning pianist, composer and jazz improviser from Azerbaijan, currently settled in the USA, is back to Belgium to come together with master of accordion Anvar Sadigov and his exceptional band QAYTAGI to impress music lovers with the magic of the Azerbaijani ethnic music mixed with contemporary jazz.

1 MARCH 2023, Wednesday 20:00

Addsess:  Wolubilis, Cours Paul-Henri Spaak, 1, Brussels, Belgium

For tickets: https://shop.utick.be/?module=ACTIVITYSERIEDETAILS&pos=WOLUBILIS6&s=CBA86AF8-1C12-1BF7-8BB5-BCF4ACD84DBB&fbclid=IwAR0QmYEptC310yhfjl19LBilpwtGlpae9AyagtimmOq5ub8Mt8dXtEOhoQU


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