Statement by President of the European Council Donald Tusk following his phone call with President Aliyev of Azerbaijan, 21 May 2015

This morning I expressed my condolences to President Aliyev and to the families and friends of the victims of the deadly apartment fire in Baku. My heart goes out to all of them. While I regret that this tragic event prevents President Aliyev from attending the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga today and tomorrow, I understand his need to be with his people at this difficult moment.

 During our phone call we also discussed the Eastern Partnership and the bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and the European Union. We reconfirmed the mutual strong commitment to the Partnership and to continue developing EU-Azerbaijan relations. We welcomed the fact that negotiations on a new agreement between the EU and Azerbaijan are about to begin.

 Finally, I was happy to accept President Aliyev\'s invitation to visit Azerbaijan.


Riga, 21 May 2015


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