Ambassador Fuad Isgandarov meets the President of Belgian Chamber of Representatives



On November 18, 2014, Ambassador Fuad Isgandarov met with Mr. Siegfried Bracke, the President of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives.

Ambassador Isgandarov briefed Mr. Bracke on the role of Azerbaijan in the region and reminded that Azerbaijan has always played a role of a bridge between Asia and Europe. He noted that, taking into consideration the complicated geographical location of Azerbaijan, after it became independence, Azerbaijan chose the path of integration to Europe and European Institutions. He noted that, Azerbaijan is a reliable partner of Europe in various fields, as well as in security matters.

Ambassador Isgandarov stressed the contribution of inter-parliamentary relations to the bilateral diplomacy and expressed his hope for the intensification of ties between the two parliaments. Ambassador Isgandarov noted that bilateral visits would intensify inter-parliamentary relations. 

Mr. Bracke reiterated that inter-parliamentary relations and bilateral visits are of great importance and expressed his satisfaction regarding the composition of the Belgian – Azerbaijani Working Group in the Chamber of Representatives, comprising deputies from different regions and political parties.  

Answering the question of Mr. Bracke regarding relations of Azerbaijan with neighboring states, Ambassador Isgandarov talked about the current situation in the region, relations of Azerbaijan with neighbors, energy and infrastructure projects undertaken in the region on the initiative of Azerbaijan, as well as, new threats and challenges and the Nagorno Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Ambassador Isgandarov noted that the experience of unification of Europe after long-lasting wars, establishment of economic union, improvement of democratic processes could be a model for the countries of South Caucasus. Ambassador Isgandarov stressed that, unless Armenian troops are withdrawn from the occupied Azerbaijani soil, no cooperation in any regional project with Armenia is foreseen. 

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